Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Without Regret

One of the regrets I have in life is losing track of people, because in a sense I lost track of a part of myself. When it comes to my mother, I'm sorry I couldn't find all her friends so they could say a final goodbye. One of the people I couldn't find was my brother's best friend. Jack was always over at the house and after Paul got stuck in the downward spiral of addiction, Jack stepped in to help Mom. Whether he was hauling stuff to the dump for her or just checking in, he sealed his role as surrogate. Maybe Mom didn't see him as a second son but I've always seen him as a second brother even before I needed one. 

I suppose we'll talk about Mom and Paul tomorrow as I visit Jack and his wife. He found me on Facebook, a social media site I joined because a friend was having a discussion on prayer and healing. Another friend thought I'd like to join in the conversation because of my experience with my mother in her last days. So you might say Mom brought Jack and I back together. I haven't seen him since right after Paul's funeral 15 years ago. I am so excited about tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a day of Thanks, not regrets so rather than mourn the time we didn't have together because I lost track of him, I shall be glad to have this caring man back in my life. In actuality he's pretty absent on Facebook but I've gotten to know his wife. Tomorrow I meet her in person. Tomorrow I get reaquaintted with him. Tomorrow is a day of Thanks. 

Without regret.

Wouldn't it be great if yesterday and today could be as well?