Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Good morning everyone. It's been a wet week here weatherwise. We had a power outage here last night but the timing was strange. It was hours after the heaveist of the downpour. Taking a cue from my mother I trailled the hallway to the kitchen and felt along the back wall til I found the emergency flashlight. From there I found and lit candles and then I got out her radio and put batteries in it. She had this radio that also got TV chanels. I was planning on listening to the rest of Biggest Looser. Apparently I forgot that we don't use antenas anymore. So I tuned in the Fish which was playing a song with the lyrics, "You're the light in my darkness" just as I turned it on. God has a since of humor. He also understands storms. Sometimes He calms them and others He tells you to get out of the boat and walk toward Him. I believe He also understands power outages. I gave my testimony on Sunday and it made me really think about my life. During the storms my faith was strong but after the worst of the storm passed I became powerless. I don't know, maybe I took my eyes off Christ but there were times I sunk instead of walked and short circuted. But those are also the times He's picked me up and put me back in the boat where I could take the time I needed to have my "circuts" dry out and start functioning again. Last night I prayed the power would come back on before bedtime. My husband uses a breathing machine at night. It did and he could breathe easy just as I can now that I've learned to keep my eyes on Christ. My faith is stronger than ever. Instead of electricity or solar panels to recharge God uses storms and with the proper focus our faith can be strengthened, even made new.

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