Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Touching The Words of Christ

I had a post on my Facebook wall a while back asking where my blog was. The blogger was busy trying to meet a deadline and she collapsed after meeting it. I didn't litterally collapse but I did veg for a few days. I put together a devotional book for the Westbow writing contest. The devotional is called Touching The Words of Christ and I used Braille Code as a jumping off point. So what I have now is a devotional with 80 individual devotions that took runner up at the contest. I only used whole word contractions and only about half of them. A story about hearing my mom read Braille through a baby monitor we had hooked up when she lived with us served as the introduction. It was a cool project to do. I was inspired all along the way. One of the contest chairs encouraged me to edit it and bring it to the next conference where I can pitch it to publishers. The other chair person just asked to see my cover letter, marketing plan and summary again but I'm not sure why. At the conference I was inspired to keep doing what I'm doing. I am also thinking of turning my speech called The Gift into a book. I also heard someone talk about other products that go with your books so my crafting creative wheels are turning. My mom always liked my writing and she got me started crafting so I think she'd be happy for me if she were here. It's her birthday today so I'm sure I'll be thinking about her. Well the next conference is less than a month away so better get to work.


  1. VERY COOL Lisa!! I have an artist friend and we are talking about doing some sort of collaboration on a devotional-- my writing and her drawings... we'll see where it goes! Exciting possibilities for sure-- that is so awesome for you. Welcome back to the blog world-- I have missed your musings and deep thoughts!

  2. Sounds like a great idea. God bless you for the work you do! :)