Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Where Are My Children?

      Silent movies are not something my mother would have enjoyed. Fortunately talkies came out by the time she was old enough to go to the movie theater. She could enjoy a good dialog driven movie but someone would have had to read the title cards and explain the pantomime to her during a silent film and well, that's just not practical.
     Why am I telling you this? For some reason an old silent movie came to mind the other day. I saw it many years ago during a sleepless night. Restored in 2000, it was originally made in 1916 so the content surprised me. The main character was a prominent lawyer. The movie portrayed his wife and their high society lifestyle against the background of a trial he was prosecuting. A doctor was on trial for performing abortions. At the end of the movie the doctor discovers his wife's name in the doctor's log. It is in there three times and he asks, "Where are my children?"
      I wonder if God is asking the same question. I'm not talking about abortion but denying other's the chance to be called His by our silence. I don't know about you but I have never led anyone to the Lord. I've shared my testimony and led my brother back to the Lord but I've never brought a new believer into the fold. On judgement day is God going to say, "Where are my children, the ones you were supposed to lead to me?"
      Are we holding up title cards to a blind world or are we preaching the gospel in such a way that it draws others to Him?


  1. IMPACT!! Direct Hit! Whew, Lisa, this one packs a (much needed) wallop to (me) (many)all of us. May I share this?

  2. Somehow I missed seeing this. It's great. You are really "rolling."