Wednesday, February 20, 2013


A simple collage that is more than just pictures. It is one woman's journey through MDS. (Do I really have to spell it? Ok, here goes: myleodysplastic syndrome.) I am sitting here listening to Mandisa sing Stronger on Good Morning America on Robin Robert's first day back at work after her bone marrow transplant for the same disease. I wasn't sure how I'd feel watching today with the anniversary of Mom Going Home coming up on Saturday. I was okay til Mandisa started singing and they cut to a shot of Robin and her sister hugging. Mom would've loved this song. She would tell me to stop crying if she was here now. If she were here now I wouldn't be crying. (Who am I kidding? The sisters were crying, I would've cried no matter what.) Robin said earlier in the show that she was grateful for all that doctors have learned from those who have gone before. If Mom's doctors learned anything it was what faith in adversity looks like. It looks like a 4'11'' tall woman who didn't let blindness stop her from blazing trails and didn't let MDS stop her from singing praises to her Lord, Savior and Dance Partner for the last 5 years. I don't know about you but I'm stronger for having Jesus in my life. I'm also stronger for having Mom in my life. Even though it seems she wasn't here long enough, I know her faith blazed a trail deep enough to follow all the way Home. When I think this life is too much to handle I can look back on her example.  

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  1. Beautiful tribute to your mother--thank you for sharing her with us. I wasn't sure who Robin Roberts was until my husband filled me in, but I probably would have cried watching it too.