Thursday, June 27, 2013

Master Chef ... Master Inspriation

Did you enjoy the video? Could you imagine having to cook blindfolded? Every now and then I see something on television and I wish my mother was here to watch it with me. I didn't catch all of last season's Master Chef where blind home chef, Christine Ha beat out her competitors ... her sighted competitors but what I did watch was impressive. She began having trouble with her vision at age 19 and was diagnosed with neuromyelitis optica. Her vision now is described as trying to look in a mirror after a steamy shower. But her lack of sight didn't keep her out of the kitchen, it just made her more careful.

While I'm impressed by her, I wonder how Mom would feel about all the attention she gets as the first blind contestant. I read an interview with Christine and she did say that the judges were fair to her meaning she didn't get special treatment because of her visual impairment. No chopping jars like Mom used for her. She used a real knife, on a real cutting board, with real care. I heard she cut herself once but sighted people do that all the time.

So what of all this attention? Mom, I wish you were here to discuss this. I know you fancied yourself a trailblazer so I wonder what you'd think about Christine Ha. I wonder what Christine thinks. Maybe I should schedule an interview with her and have her cook for me. I wonder if she minds that I was rooting for her because she's blind. I didn't see enough episodes to get to know the contestants and their personalities which is usually how I decide who to root for.

Bottom line is this. I couldn't cook or do much else blindfolded. I'm glad my mother could.

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