Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hey you came back--good. If you're new, welcome. Since I'm new to this blogging thing and need to develop some good habits I have decided to write once a week but when's a good day? Monday? I was born on a Monday but I have a whole book dedicated to them and I don't want to wear Monday out. Tuesday? Mom did her volunteer work on Tuesday and her life greatly influenced me but Tuesday was also the day my big brother acted up most. Wednesday? No known associations there. Maybe Wednesday would be good but I don't want to settle so let's move on. Thursday? Mom was born on a Thursday but she had this thing against the past invading the present. Friday? Paul's birthday and he already has a book. Saturday? Toastmasters. Sunday? Church and family time but since I will probably share about church sometimes it may work. On second thought, sometimes I think a bit before gaining insight. Well then it looks like Wednesdays it is. So look for new insights from Ears in the Cornfield on Wednesdays. It has occurred to me through historical decisions that have come to mind and precedents which have been challenged recently and will continue to be challenged long after this blog has gathered dust that by association my blog may be offensive. Mom was very anti-controversial and certainly wouldn't want me to offend but in this case I think she'd approve. My blog will offend some because of my association with God. We no longer allow teacher-led prayer in public schools. They've tried to take His Name out of our pledge and off our money and remove His 10 commandments from our courtrooms. But I can't remove Him from my blog anymore than I can remove my breath from my lungs. He is an essential part of who I am. He guided and sustained my mother and her faith inspires me. If my life were a braille book He'd be the stylus putting the dots in place to form the words. Now does that mean I'll have some religious blog every week or even that I'll even mention God every week? No. But in my life I hope He's like the wind--you can't see the wind but you can see its effects. This blog is the place to share little tid-bits of my life and insights gained along the way. I don't intend it to be another outlet for my devotional writing. So come back next week and I'll tell you about one of those "ears in the cornfield" moments and a decision that was made. I hesitated to say that because inspiration is all around me and I may find something else to talk about next week. But as I thought about, I realized that's okay for 2 reasons. It's my blog and if I change my mind that's going to have to be acceptable and I can always save drafts for later use. Another new thing I'm doing is blog tours. A publisher sends me a book free of charge and I promote it on my blog during a set block of time. This week it's A Matter of Character by Robin Lee Hatcher. It's a good book so far. If I'm unsuccessful posting a link here then you can check it out on my Facebook page. Here's the Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0310258073


  1. Love your matter-of-fact way of stating your position. And fun to see how your mind works!

  2. Ditto Anita's comment. Looking forward to more!

  3. I always knew you had a lot to say, and I see that you are fulfilling that need in your life. I look forward to more postings on whatever day you choose to post. You're off to a great start so far. So, carry on....

    The AB is for Aunt Bonnie which is what my nieces and nephews call me.