Sunday, May 23, 2010

There’s that phrase again. The black receiver is cradled in her petite hand and I hear her say, “There are ears in the cornfield.” That was Mom’s code for I can’t talk about that now—the kids are listening. What didn’t she want to talk about? Fun surprises like Christmas or birthday presents, sad secrets, difficult decisions … the list could go on. What I did hear and witness taught me about faith and perseverance. Born nearly blind, Mom needed large doses of both. So what will you find in this blog? Insight from growing up with a sightless mother. It’s no coincidence that as I compose this in my head I walk by a jasmine bush. The night hasn’t quite fallen yet but still it has released its fragrance. It feels like my mom’s way of saying hello since night blooming jasmine was her favorite plant. Physically Mom may’ve lived in a world of darkness but spiritually she was one of the brightest people I have known. I am who I am largely because of my mother's care and influence but what I blog about won't always be directly related to her. Based on the fact that the braille alphabet– which allowed her to read the Bible and nourish her faith– is made up of the combination of 6 dots, I will share from 6 areas of influence: 1. Mom (including thoughts on Braille) 2. other family 3. friends 4. encouraging situations 5. discouraging situations 6. church If you know me, you may wonder where God is in the above list. He’s the Stylus placing the dots where they need to be to write the story of my life. So keep coming back. Who knows what I’ll talk about next? I won’t even always know.

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  1. Great start Lisa. I look forward more thoughts from you. You definitely can write.