Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Mom Filter

It's the 30th anniversary of John Lennon's death by murder. I liked his music growing up. It must've made it past the Mom Filter. Mom was very conservative. Did I mention the word VERY? I was allowed 3 television shows (besides game shows) which were Little House on the Prairie, The Waltons, and Emergency! I didn't watch Bewitched until I was an adult. Twilight Zone? Uh no. Even if I'd told her that Earl Hamner, creator and narrator of The Waltons, had written a couple episodes that dial would not have budged. (According to my followers list you are are old enough to remember the TV dial so I don't have to explain it.) I saw an episode of The Waltons a few years back that dealt with a Ouji board that I don't remember seeing as a child--Mom Filter. I've tried to have a Mom Filter. Mine is not as conservative as my mother's but it must be stronger. There's more to filter out these days. My kids know what's acceptable in my presense but at their ages I cannot filter the rest of the world anymore. Still I hope my Mom Filter was strong enough in their formative years so that they now have their own filtering system. I know my own personal filtering system is pretty conservative but Mom would be surprised to know I've been watching Ghost Whisperer. And Bewitched is kinda hokey and great company when you have the flu. Then again the other day when nothing was on TV and Dave and I were feeling fluish we had a Walton's movie marathon. Mom would have been pleased.

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  1. Oh the good old days. Would love to have them back, but be still the age I am now. More sheltered back then, and I like it that way.