Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Things I Still Don't Know

It's the end of the year and by the looks of other blogs and Facebook status updates people are refective of where they've been and anticipating where they're going. I'm sitting here listening to the rain and realizing it's one more thing I don't know about my mother. I don't know how she felt about the rain. No regrets. It's not important, just something I don't know. I know how she felt about snow. I grew up hearing about the icicles forming on her wet bangs after swim class. I grew up hearing about her walking into snow banks as her vision failed. I know snow was something she was glad to leave in Chicago when she moved to California. When Mom first passed realizing there was something I didn't know was a big deal. Wondering what she would think shadowed each event. There've been changes this year. Bright changes. No shadow of wishing Mom were here to discuss them loomed. I'm in a good place as I leave 2010 and move into 2011. Don't get me wrong. Tears still come. I still miss her but more often the my face is moistened by tears of joy. There is awesome joy in knowing she's Home in Heaven pain free and able to see. Sin brought pain into life. Jesus went to the cross so that when the earthly portion of life is over we can be in Heaven with Him. We've just finished celebrating His birth. It's a happy time. The new year is coming at us. Hope is coming towards us. I'm ready for whatever the new year brings. I'm hoping it brings Jesus into many hearts so that He can break chains. Happy New Year everyone. Hope He takes the shackles off your feet so you can dance.

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  1. I know that sense of wondering what Mom or Dad would think of a situation or event. And every once in a while I realize there is no one, really, who knows me absolutely in that same sense - except Jesus.
    Thanks for a beautiful post.