Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Will Amber-Rose come to life?

January is well under way and I'm feeling optimistic about what the year ahead holds for my writing career. I'm doing all I can to win a Sally Stuart Market Guide and one of 2 guidebooks from Mary DeMuth. I've talked about her here before when I did her Life in Defiance blog tour. Her characters are so real I'm sure Mom would've prayed for each and every one of them. I have the choice between a non-fiction and fiction proposal guidebook. As far as what I've published so far I'm a non-fiction writer but I'm trying to write fiction. It's fun creating characters. I wonder if Mom would like the character (Amber-Rose) I'm creating based on her. All the characters in my first fiction book are family members fictionalized; some more than others. Mom is basically herself except for how she went blind. I know she wasn't too thrilled when I first wrote the true story of my life so maybe she'd be happy if I opted for the fiction help. I probably won't write another memoir and I'm not sure if a collection of my devotionals is in the future. For now my devotionals are included in others' collections and on the web. Thanks for listening. I think I've made up my mind and will choose the fiction proposal book. Well speaking of the year ahead I've got manuscripts to clean up for contests so I'll sign off now. Wish me luck.

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  1. More than luck to you Lisa~ praying for you too. I don't know what to do with my writing lately. I have prayed and been prayed for-- that my writing would go to a different level for God. just like my writing seemed to hit a wall. I am being patient, figuring God's got something brewing. meanwhile my job does require some creative-- albeit, technical-- writing and there is always my blog.... Those that wait upon the Lord will renew their strength!!