Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A new faith

I cannot believe what fell in my lap this week. A childhood friend who recently reconnected with me through Facebook had an interesting post about how the streams of life shape us and his have been rough torrents. This man was the son of one of my mother's friends so we were more-or-less friends by default. When his family moved that was the end of it or so I've always thought. He is so on fire for God which is not what I expected. The last time I saw him was in my Senior yearbook, his solemn face and blond mohawk starring out from the page. To be honest I don't even remmeber seeing him at school. I found out why when he directed me to his blog. His testimony is there and it is remarkable. It totally fits the theme of my next novel and I've asked if I could use it. But back to when the friendship between our mother's ended. The memory is foggy but upon reflection I realize it ended before they moved. The family didn't move til some time after the young man finished high school but I don't remember visiting with his mother much when I was in junior high or high school. The last clear memory is me helping him with his fourth grade school work so I must've been in 7th. I don't know if the women had a falling out. There are things about his mother that I now know but I'm not sure if my mother ever knew. I've been trying to think back to a time when Mom said, "There are ears in the cornfield" when talking to another friend about this woman. There is nothing in my data bank to tell me Mom knew what went on behind closed doors 2 blocks away. The one thing I do know is that Mom probably took whatever information, whatever hurt she had to The Father. Perhaps that is why a young man came back to a faith that was destroyed by his mother. I've heard it said that the best thing a child can have is a praying mother. I'd always just assumed that meant the child's own mother.

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