Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Momma read King James--I read NIV

I am excited to have found a website for Christian bloggers which allows guest posts and had writing prompts. Today's prompt asked which version of the Bible do you read and why? I have 8 versions. This helps sometimes jog my creativity when I'm writing devotionals. The one I read most and take with me to church is the NIV. I like the language and am used to it. It was quite a transition though. I grew up with a King James Bible. It is what both my parents read. I have Daddy's in a shadow bow and I donated Mom's to Braille Institute. Although I know Braille I can't actually read the raised dots--my fingers aren't sensitive enough. Where was I-- ah yes transitions. They can be tough to make. I had and memorized scripture from my King James until I was a fresman in high school. Then our youth group was introduced to something called Bible Quizzing and a few of us formed a team. We were told to use NIV and John McCollum, our coach and dear family friend bought me one. I still have it even though it's falling apart. I remember there were 4 types of questions. Quote the verse, finish the verse, answer a question, and quote the reference. (I'm not sure about that last one--it's been a few years.) Most of the time we were in a book of the Bible I hadn't previously done memorization from or I could have easily slipped back into KJ mode. I recently spent alot of time in the King James for my devotional project. It was hearing Mom reading her Bible that sparked the idea so it seemed fitting. It was also easier as a user of the Strong's Concordance to find words because his concordance is based on the King James. I still like it and understand it. And if there's an obscure word I check the verse out in the NIV. I liked being in the King James--it felt like going home again. But to answer the question simply. I read the NIV the most because the language is easy to understand and sometimes in class at church I read out loud. The Bible needs to be understood so that's why I take my NIV.


  1. Lisa, thanks for sharing. I was brought up on King James as well. I like to go to to see other translations-great way to go deeper into the Word of God.

  2. I did Bible Quizzing as well during my teen years. I remember having some fun times doing that. I also posted about this same topic on my blog. You can read my thoughts here: