Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A chat with Mom in my head

It's Wednesday, I almost forgot. You'd forget your head if it wasn't attached. Yes, Mom I know. You always used to tell me that. I've got a good reason though. I don't have a calendar hung up yet. I'm plugging along with the unpacking but haven't quite got to that part yet. It's a decision and decisions aren't always easy to make. Do I want the calendar over by the office or by the kitchen? Am I going to put artwork above the computer desk or a bulletin board. I mean really, do I want my living room to look like it has an office in it or a living room with a computer in the corner? And then there's Jesus, what am I going to do about Him or should I say the 4 different artists' interpretations of Him? Stop worrying. If we had a worrying contest you'd win. I know Mom, and I'm not worrying. There's just alot of decisions to be made. Tell you what, why don't I take my mind off what's left to do by sharing pictures of what I've done?
There's a shelf and pot mitt holder made from the old heater vents. I'd share more but they aren't going where I want them to and I've got more things to do. Okay I know pictures don't mean anything to you but trust me, these are clever repurposing projects and my friends are gonna like them. Nice chatting with you Mom.

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  1. Oh, I love pictures in a post! And I love your unique use of those old vents. very clever!!