Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Use It or Lose It

Good morning. I'm back after a few hectic weeks dealing with the move. Clearing all the stuff from the old place required some tough choices. There isn't room for everything, and by everything I mean things I inherited from my mother. I sold the piano and sorted the massive bead supply. I even gave away some beads but none that Mom left me and that was a huge bin full. I'm in use it or lose it mode and can't wait to get organized and start creating again. There's extra furniture in the garage because it's hard to give up good pieces, especially the ones my father built. In fact on Father's Day I had a bit of a connection to him as I took the top off his old desk (not built by him) so I could make the desk wider. It's still a work in progress. My current top is a piece of wood and a shelf I had in the garage--use it or lose it. The top half of the hutch is my nightstand while the bottom is in the garage providing enclosed storage to protect my fabric--use it or lose it. The other 3 small pieces of furniture in the garage will be coming in to be used but I'm still getting organized. My favorite project is the repurposing of Dad's work bench. It's been base painted and I plan on working on the top today. Then it will be in our dining area as an extension of the kitchen counter with seating for eating or doing schoolwork--use it or lose it. And the project I've thought about for a long time and finally did is a pot rack using brackets from shelves that hung in my childhood home's kitchen and a couple dowl rods also found in the garage--use it or lose it. Mom's old silverware will be used as the S hooks (man I hope I find my vice grip soon)--use it or lose it.
Well there's lots to do on my use it or lose it list so I'd better get to it.


  1. Very neat post. Good philosophy!
    And I like the repetition of your theme.

  2. We should all practice a little spartan-izing every now and again. ;)