Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Christmas Journey Home

     The picture on the cover is lovely and genteel. The subtitle, Miracle In The Manger, suggests something wonderful is going to happen. But this is not a sweet and sappy Christmas story. The only thing predictable is that it will take place at Christmastime.
     "Two worlds separated by fear and anger collide at a most unlikely time and place." The quote on the back cover and the heart of the author, Kathi Macias let me know I was in for more than just good story telling. The plot took a detour I wasn't expecting.
     Isabella, one of the main characters will find out that the road to wonderful is full of twists and turns and potholes that jar body and soul. Miriam, a widow who isn't looking for wonderful, just a way to survive will realize something important too. Isabella's road to wonderful can not exist without the pavement of forgiveness Miriam must lay. 
      There is nothing to forgive Isabella of personally. The two women are strangers until they meet Christmas Eve. Isabella has come a long way and escaped dangers we would like to believe don't exist. Miriam is just trying to keep body and soul together on the ranch she must now run alone.
      I can't help but wonder if there is a spiritual application in all of this. Isabella has an abuelo, a grandfather who faithfully prays for her and has even encouraged her to go on this journey. Our spiritual journey is not always easy and it would do us all good to know we are being prayed for. But the abuelo represents something else to me. He represents someone older and wiser, like a mentor which we also can benefit from having. Mentors can help us navigate these twist and turns and heal from damage done by the potholes on our journey Home.
     I suggest you read this book. I've been careful not to give anything away. But I will give away this: my copy of the book for the cost of a comment when you tune in tomorrow and for the interview with the author. 

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  1. Thanks, Lisa! So glad you liked the book--and I appreciate your helping to pass the word!