Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Coin Purses

      So I decided to make some beaded Christmas ornaments to try and make a few extra bucks. I needed to display them. The problem was I wasn't sure if I had kept the miniature tree Mom used to display her crafts. So I went looking which sounds a lot easier than it actually was. The container with her things is in the storage bin in the garage--UP in the storage bin.
      I had to move my daughter's car and pull the old doll house off the top of the bin. I opened the lid and saw the teddy bear she made. I gave it a hug and set it down. There were other little mementos and her music and and the little piano music box. I wound it up and listened as I looked. Because of the position of the bin I was looking more with my hands than my eyes.
      Most everything I felt was soft with a few hard surfaces here and there but nothing prickly. No tree. I found a tote bag I'd given her years ago and decided to use it. In it and among the soft things in the bin were coin purses. She had quite a few. A couple were snap top but most had zippers and were bought as a set of cosmetic bags. Why so many. Organization? Maybe. She would use one for cash, one for various cards she needed, one for her lipstick and one for change. So why were there 8, twice as many as she needed?
     Mom didn't buy things she didn't need and she used things until they wore out. So why 8 when she only used 4? Who knows? Maybe I'm not supposed to know. Maybe it's just supposed to make me think about what I'm holding onto that I no longer need.
     Something tells me there's a spiritual/emotional application here but I just can't place my finger on it. What I can do is encourage you to examine yourself. Are you holding onto things that serve no purpose?

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