Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Inspiring Story A Winner

Drum roll please and get the confetti ready, my debut novel, Night Blooming Jasmine, took 1st place in the Westbow Munce contest. I had entered the book under a different name in the Westbow OCCWF contest and it didn't even place. 

So what was the difference? I changed the title and the prologue to focus on my mother. I also changed the ending but I think it is bringing out my mother's faith that made the difference. Yes, it's a work of fiction but it is based loosely on her life and my mother's characteristics were not altered. That 4'11" pixie still cast a long shadow of faith.

I am sure I haven't done Delores Burkholder justice but Amber-Rose Powell is a strong feisty woman who doesn't let the challenge of blindness be challenging. I am privileged to be able to share her story in this way. I learned a few lessons through the course of writing this book, some of which are not in the book but will be explored elsewhere. Most importantly though I think I got to know my mother a little better as I really stopped to think about her life. 

I'll let you all know when Night Blooming Jasmine comes out. I just wish she were here to tell me her buttons were popping.

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