Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Stylus is Moving

I asked in the first post where God was in this adventure in blogging and the conclusion is that He's the stylus putting the dots in place to write the story of my life. It's a reference to Braille because the stylus is the writing tool. The difference of course, is that He is in control whereas a stylus is controlled by the user. But I like to think of Him as the stylus as well because the stylus is in contact with the paper to produce words and I'd like nothing more than to feel as if I'd been touched by God.

I've sensed God at work this week, giving me strength, giving me a nudge in the right direction, and giving me an unexpected opportunity. I've had a lot of work in the last few weeks to get the book to the editor (just did that tonight) and yet I had the strength to serve our military this weekend. I was blessed to work with a young man from the Inside Out Men's Home. That day Beau was not Beau, the recovering addict. He was Chaplain Beau and he rocked it! 

It was while I was serving that I felt God's nudge. I was in the church service but felt a nudge to go back to the prayer booth. Chaplain Beau had left and my husband looked relieved to see me as he introduced me to an upset woman. I asked her if I could give her a hug and she welcomed my embrace. She kept her arm around me as she shared. We had a few more hugs and I prayed. To be honest, I don't even think I got the whole story. But I was blessed. Blessed because I mess up all the time, and yet God still chose to send me to a hurting woman. He still uses me even when I feel useless. 

My unexpected opportunity knocked on Wednesday. Actually it rang and went to voice mail because I was on the phone with my marketing rep for Night Blooming Jasmine, but you get the point. My devotional, Touching The Words of Christ was seen by a publisher who was calling to express their interest in it. The God-thing here is that she saw it on a web-site that was supposed to take it down after 6 months because I couldn't afford to pay their fees. I don't know if this is a self-publisher or traditional but I do know my subscription to the web-site ended in 2011!

There is a beauty in writing Braille because it is embossed so, in a way, it is hidden. It is not until you are through, take the paper out of the slate, and turn it over that you can feel the words written. I'm excited to see the product when the stylus has stopped dancing and the Author has released the page to be read. I don't know what all will be written because I served, listened to a still small voice, and followed up on an opportunity. I just know I have the best Author there is writing the story.

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