Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mom in Defiance

I'm reading a trilogy by Mary DeMuth called the Defiance Texas Trilogy. This week is the blog tour for the 3rd. book, Life In Defiance. I signed up for the tour and am reading the third book for free. I only read chapter 1 when I decided to order the first 2 books and as soon as they came put book 3 down but will get back to it today. I've been wondering how my mom would react to the people in Defiance. Disgusted by some events. I can almost hear that sound she used to make. A short, low "uh" with a tone that well--if the dictionary had audio enhancement that tone would be there. But mostly I think she'd pray for the people. I can remember Mom praying from early on in my life. She prayed with me to accept Jesus. She prayed alone, behind closed doors. She didn't know I heard words I couldn't understand. Just in passing: I never lingered. What I didn't know as a child is that Mom had been blessed with a private prayer language. In her later years she began praying openly for others. I found out that if she asked if she could pray for you, you'd better bow your head because she was already on her way to the Throne Room. The first time she did this I didn't realize it. I was still telling her the rest of whatever was troubling me and she just started in--half-way to Amen before I got a clue. So Mom would've been praying for Daisy, Jed , Hixon, Hap, Oussie, Big Carl, Sissy, Emory, Muriel and even Angus. And if you want to know who I'm talking about, you'll just have to read the books. I think you'll be glad you did. Maybe you'll even find yourself praying for the people of Defiance, Texas. The characters are that real.


  1. Maybe in your "next life" you should be a book reviewer. Great connection between the charcters of the books and your memories of your mom. I'm sure Mary DeMuth will be pleased.

  2. Thanks Lisa-- I read the first book Daisy Chain. I did not realize when I read it that it was indeed part of a trilogy. guess I had better head back over to the library and check them out!
    Your writing is so 'real'I love that!

  3. I'll check those out at the make them sound wonderful. Love you, Barbara Witcher