Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What's this junk?

I'm new to this blogging thing but it seems to me that my posts should relate to what's going on currently in my life but for me also have a connection to my mother or an insight inspired by her. I almost forgot it was Wednesday and had nothing planned but e-mail has come to my rescue. I belong to the Zonderan breakfast club and today the columnist mentioned that on her site you can create your own cookbook with stories behind the recipes. The thing is the recipe that immediately came to mind as having a great story isn't the most appetizing. It was a casserole Mom learned how to make in a cooking class at Braille Institute, Santa Ana. As I recall the taste wasn't too bad but my brother sat down at the table, looked in the bowl I'd served for him and said, "What's this junk?" It was tomato-lentil casserole and it had this strange texture and orange-ish color. Not too pretty to look at (I've always wondered if the cooking class for the blind worried about presentation) but apparently it tasted good. Paul ate 3 bowls of it and Mom made it again. Now if only I had the recipe I could put it in my personalized cookbook--along with a blindfold.

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