Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Poppin' Her Buttons

A quick post as I prepare to go off to another doctor for answers to a 20 year pain question. Oftentimes I find myself on the other side of the cornfield coin--there are things I want to tell my mother but can't now that she's gone. Those of you who've lost someone close may know what it feels like to pick up the phone only to realize it'll just keep on ringing because there's no one there to pick it up. More than likely though you'll get a wrong number because the phone company will have reassigned the number (if, as in my case your loved one was the only one living in the home.) When it comes to mama's phone numbers I think they should be retired, like great athlete's numbers, never to be used again. This week I wanted to pick up the phone and tell Mom all about Will's award at school. She would've been so proud. Whenever we had a proud moment she'd say, "If this blouse had buttons they'd pop right off." Will's journey to the podium was a long hard one, part of it prayed for by his Grandma Dodie. I don't know if Heavenly garments have buttons or if she's even watching (would you watch this polluted planet with Heaven's beauty all around?) but if they do and she is watching then I'm sure some buttons are poppin'. And I'm sure she's thanking Jesus for answered prayer.


  1. I know that feeling of wanting to tell a loved one something on your heart. For me it's sometimes my mother or my dad, more frequently it's my husband who used to call me from work every day just to see what was new and how the day was going.

    I'm sure there are buttons all over the golden streets of Heaven as spouses, parents or grandparents who have gone ahead see the great moments in our lives.

    Another thought-provoking post, Lisa!

  2. so maybe instead of pennies from Heaven I should not be surprised by buttons.