Tuesday, July 6, 2010

One Leader

My friend broke her foot recently and it brought back memories of when my mother broke her foot in 2004 or 2005. That doesn't sound right. It makes it seem like the broken foot was my mother's fault and it wasn't. She was at church and two ladies offered to walk her out to her ride. She tried to explain that only one needed to guide her but it was too late. The two ladies didn't work well together and tripped my mother causing a very painful break to her left foot. Natuarally I abandoned my family and went to stay with her for a few days. It wasn't long before she had a walking cast and was back to her normal independant self. We knew back then that the accident wouldn't have occurred (or at least had a less chance of occurring) if my mother had only one person guiding her. It dawned on me today that we tend to get tripped up when we listen to more than one voice. There is God's Voice and the sin nature. The Bible talks about God coming in a still small voice. It's been my opinion that the sin nature tends to talk in a very alluring tone. Still I know which Voice I want to follow. But when the sin nature insists on coming alongside I can get tripped up. It can be quite insistant and has been the cause of much pain. But, like my mother, I have faith in God Who will never leave me. He'll stay with me and help me do what it takes to get back on track.


  1. Great thoughts, Lisa. You have an art for seeing the spiritual in the everyday.

  2. ah, so true, so true. thank you for that valuable insight Lisa.