Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Better Home Waiting

This week I took a walk in the natural wilderness area near Hart Park. There used to be a homeless camp that my brother lived in years ago. Curiosity had me checking tree trunks for some sign he had been there, like his initials. No signs my brother had ever walked those same dirt paths. It reminded me about something that happened when we were selling Mom's house after she passed. My realtor was having trouble with offers being rescinded after she did the disclosure of death as required by law. She started disclosing it right up front. No sense getting our hopes up that we had a sale just to have a buyer get the heebbie-jeebbies about a natural process. One lady said, "Really, someone died here? I don't feel her presence." I wasn't present but had I been I could have told her why Mom's spirit wasn't hanging out in her recently remodeled house with the hydrangea bedroom. She had a better Home waiting in Heaven. Think about it people. Why linger on Earth when you could be spending 24/7 (or whatever it is There) walking golden streets, listening to stories of saints and praising God? I can't think of a reason. I don't expect to feel my mother's spirit any of the places she's been just as I don't expect to visit here myself after I've gone.

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  1. Trust you are collecting all of these posts into your next book titled, of course, Ears In The Cornfield. I don't think publlishers will take anything that has appeared online, but what a great heritage (even the hard parts) for your kids some day.