Wednesday, August 11, 2010

2nd place

No I'm not feeling like a second place citizen. I took second place last week for a story I wrote for the Faithwriter's weekly challenge. There is a weekly prompt, either one word or a phrase to write to. The week before last it was "See." Hello, of course I had a story for "See." I had a 4'11" "bookshelf" of stories in a volume called Mom. The Sunday before I wrote the story we sang the worship song, "Word of God Speak." There's a line in there that says, "washing my eyes to see Your majesty." I remembered having to wash Mom's eyes after she was paralyzed. With her illness if I didn't keep her prosthetics clean infection could set in. At that stage in the game, infection could have been fatal. I think people were drawn to the story but I began to wonder, is this right? Writing about Mom and winning praise. Seems she was put on this earth for more than writing material for me. I didn't set out to win a prize (and there is no prize, just a little ribbon on my story when you go to the web-site). I set out to share a story as I'm doing here about a woman of faith who has influenced and impacted my life. I hope she's pleased.

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  1. I'm sure she is, Lisa. You are building a legacy for your kids of things they won't remember about their grandmother. And in recording these events and anecdotes, you are enjoying her "presence" with you.

    I trust you are keeping a computer file too, and will print each entry to be saved in scrapbooks for the kids. For similar projects, I have used a large three-ring binder and plastic page covers to keep the sheets clean. Then when I find something to insert that hasn't been in sequence, I can simply rearrange the pages.