Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Perfect Job

A Monitronics truck crossed my path earlier today. The way he was driving I'm surprised out paths did not collide. The name on the van reminded me of a job my mom had that she seemed quite proud of. I believe it was back in Illinois. She worked for a company called Monitron. They made cameras that came pre-loaded with film. Mom worked in the darkroom loading the film. It was the perfect job for a blind woman. She was able to load the film by feel. Her sighted counterparts had to adjust their eyes to the light (or lack thereof) before beginning their work. If only we could all be so well-matched to our jobs. More often than not I read about people being dissatisfied with their work or stuck in dead-end jobs. When I worked for pay my job matched my spiritual gifts of service and helps. Now I am a writer who hasn't quite broken the barrier to being paid and a volunteer braille proof-reader. And of course I'm a wife and mother. I feel well-suited for my place in life. But sometimes I stumble--like I'm adjusting to the darkness that naturally comes my way in a fallen world. I should take a lesson from my mother. Close my eyes--say a prayer--and get to work.

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