Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gathering Manna

I'm in my third week of an incredible Bible study by Beth Moore. It's called A Woman's Heart God's Dwelling Place. I think Mom would've liked her. Last night Beth was talking about how Jesus is the living manna from Heaven. Through the study and what she said I concluded that we have to go out and gather Him daily. She spoke last night about the manna being symbolic for our needs and we have to go before the Lord daily and say this is how it is. Then we can gather what we need. This morning I began to think about the effort she said it took. The Israelites had to get up, go outside their tent and go get the manna. She said each of us have to do this for ourselves but I recalled that back in the day the instructions were for the men to go and gather for each person in their tent. At the end of her life my mother couldn't do for herself physically. And I think there were days she couldn't do for herself spiritually either. She needed her daily ration of strength brought to her by the Man of the tent. She needed others praying on her behalf. Jesus provides that strength whether we go out and gather or He makes a house call at the request of someone else. The key is recognizing our daily need and His daily provision. Daily. Mom understood that as evidenced by her prayer life. When she was too weak to pray she had friends and family praying for her. The other thing that dawns on me is that we don't know each other's needs. My mother's needs were obvious. Other needs go unnoticed because we don't share our lives. Don't hide in your tent alone suffering. Open the flap and let your need be known.


  1. As usual Lisa, your blog speaks directly to my heart. tomorrow night Bruce has to give a short talk, at our discipleship class, on transparency. your closing words speak to that so strongly. thank you.

  2. Wow! Very insightful, Lisa. Thank you.