Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Psalm What?

I gave away my mother's Braille Bible after she passed away. It is my hope that it's bringing joy and comfort to others as it did for her. When she lived with me she boxed up the 18 or so volumes and only had 2 books out at a time. Whatever book she was in as she read thru the year and her book of Psalms. She'd read a Psalm before bed. We had a baby monitor in her room in case she needed us during the night. The device was dug out of the closet after she wandered into our daughter's room and couldn't find her way out. How she didn't trip over the skateboard we'll never know. I was reminded of this yesterday when I saw a car with a personalized license plate. It was a Psalm reference but which one? Without a colon all I saw were numbers. Was it 9:12 which talks about avenging blood or 91:2 which is about God being our refuge and fortress? Or was there a colon and dash missing. Was it 9:1-2 which praises God and talks about telling of all His wonders? I don't know, just like I didn't know what Psalm my mom was reading one night when I turned on the monitor. I could hear her reading but it wasn't spoken words I was hearing like when someone reads aloud. I could hear her fingers brush across the page of raised dots. It struck me then. Mom was caressing the living breathing Word of God. I haven't done my Bible reading yet this morning. My eyes hurt from a head-cold. But when I do get to it I know there will be visual distractions all around me. As Mom read though, the only thing she was touching was her Bible. It wasn't easy being blind but I can't help but think it was less distracting.

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