Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Braille code seemed overwhelming when I first started my classes. Six little dots in various combinations make the 26 letters of the alphabet. I got that eventually and even understood the pattern. I can see now how it all works together. I understand. I came across something I'd forgotten about yesterday. I was getting ready for Bible study and wanted to share a song my mom had written. I had the lyrics printed up on pretty paper for her memorial service and knew I had extra copies. In the box were all the cards people sent me. I read a few and realized the 12 Gideon Bibles were donated in Mom's name. When I got to Bible study a woman there had a Gideon Bible. I don't know if my mom had anything to do with that but this woman is on a journey to understanding God. It is a continuing journey. Unlike Braille, He doesn't seem to have a set pattern but He is consistant in His faithfulness. In answering a question out loud last night I understood something about an incident that happened many years ago. I thought my mother needed avenging and my brother needed to be out of both of our lives for good. God had a different plan. He told me to love and I did. Years later God used that relationship I did not severe and the voice I did not allow to become bitter to show my brother the way Home. I'm still overwhelmed that God would use me for such a vital task. Overwhelmed in a good way. I will never have the same understanding of God that I do of Braille. Braille doesn't overwhelm me any more. I hope God always does. He can overwhelm me with His Grace, Mercy Peace and mysterious ways any time. The hard part for me will be to remember He's at work. I am to rest in that and not strive to understand it.


  1. Good thoughts; good connections.
    Good "overwhelming!"

  2. The new believer with the Gideon Bible got baptized last night.